Paydemic Workflow illustration

Start selling your content in three easy steps
1. Sign up to Paydemic

Create your free account at

To sell digital content simply upload your web link or file.
To sell a subscription or physical item input the offer details.
Specify the pricing then a Purchase Link widget like this will be generated:

 Access Full Article

Place your Purchase Link widget on your site.
When clicked by a site visitor, they will be directed through the Paydemic payment page to access the content.
All payment and fulfillment details will appear on your account page.

How it works for buyers

Select the content you would like access to by clicking on a link like this:

 Access Full Article

2. Pay for content

You will need to register the first time you access a Paydemic link. You can then pay for content in one of two ways:

  1. Make a one-off online payment using a bank card
  2. Pay using funds in Paydemic pre-pay wallet (which can be topped up anytime)
3. Go straight to article

You will be directed straight to the content you have purchased. You will be able to revisit it as many time as you wish.

Any subscriptions or other purchases will be fulfilled directly by the seller.

How it works for selling print subscriptions

Create a Print Subscription link or widget and insert int into the desired page of your website.
The subscription widget will behave like the demo button below:

 Subscribe to Print Edition

In the Reports page you’ll see all the subscribers, their shipping addresses and company details if an invoice is required.

How it works for selling print advertising space

It is simple to start selling advertising space through Paydemic:

Specify the details of the offer including:

  • Frequency of publication
  • Categories
  • Pricing
  • Lead time
2. Publish the widgets

Place the advertising widgets on your site or a QR codes in your publication

 Real Estate


3. Fulfillment

Receive real-time notification of new purchases, export the data for fulfilment and receive payment.

Here we present you some successful strategies that helped other people significantly increase the monetization of their content. You know your readers and viewers better than anyone so can adapt and develop these - and the great thing about Paydemic is that it is so easy to use and flexible you can continually test and optimise as you go.

Giving a Taster of content to drive sales of full version

In the case of articles, it can be useful to provide the introductory part for free and place the Purchase Link after the introduction.This way potential buyers can sense the value of your work and become more eager to pay for the full content.

Use the Purchase Link next to the thumbnail of the picture or the trailer of the movie you wish to sell. A preview is always useful in attracting customers.

If you are interested in more detailed reports about access to your Purchase Links or need a shorter link or QR code to place in promotional materials, you may want to consider using URL shorteners like goo.glopen_in_new or bit.lyopen_in_new.

The Purchase Link for Digital content, Print Subscription and Print Advertisement may very well be placed inside PDF or other document formats and even on printed materials as QR codes.

Paydemic allows programmatic access to its functionality through SDKs available for different programming languages.
You may create Purchase Links to offer access to online content or to trigger server-side actions when a particular link is purchased.