1) Q: How can I be sure that my content is accessible only to paying customers?

A: The buyer has paid for access to the web link specified by you at set-up. This link is unique to them and intended exclusively for their use based on their payment profile. Nonetheless, the onus is on the user to not illegally download, copy or share the content they have purchased and we recommend the conditions of usage are clearly stated in your usage policy.

2) Q: Can I change the the content without having to create a new purchase link?

A: Yes. You can see a list of all your purchase links and choose to edit any one of them. You may change the content, the title and the price.

3) Q: How much does it cost me to use Paydemic?

A: Usage of Paydemic is free. As a content seller, you receive the exact amount you specified for the Purchase Link when a payment occurs. The buyer is charged the amount you specified, plus a commission. Currently, the commission is set to $0.45 + 9% of the original price but may vary in the future. We put a lot of effort into keeping this commission as low as possible, to make your content more attractive.

4) Q: When will I receive my payments?

A: Once you accumulate at least $50 you may withdraw the funds by selecting “Withdraw” next to the Withdrawable Funds display. You need to upload an invoice containing the amounts described in the upload dialog. We’ll honor this invoice according to its details.

5) Q: Can I generate purchase links programmatically?

A: Yes. Paydemic API is accessible through SDKs for various programming languages and platforms like PHP and Node.js. If there is another platform or programming language you need an SDK for, please contact us.